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To protect the quality of ADA Assistive Listening devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set aside 37 frequencies for ADA use. Recently, the FCC has approved a frequency for non-ADA applications. Using this newly-approved 216 MHz frequency, the Venture system provides high quality Gentner audio for your non-ADA applications.

Use the Venture System for:

Tour Groups
Whether you're conducting a tour through a loud machine shop or in an area that demands the utmost silence, know that your group hears your every word with a Venture Listening System. As you talk into the portable transmitter, your group will hear crystal-clear audio in their headset.

Language Translation
The only thing worse than not understanding a conversation or speech is not hearing it. Don't let that happen to the people for whom you're translating. Provide them with a Venture receiver.

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Convenient, cost effective, and easy to use, the Venture-Base transmitter is the perfect solution for language translation. Broadcasting in its own auditory assistance band, the Venture-Base won't interfere with other FM devices.

  • Transmits to an area of more than 700,000 square feet
  • Easily connects to any source
  • Field selectable channels (19 in the 216 MHz frequency band) with digital channel selection for
  • lower risk of interference
  • Adjustable RF level allows control of RF coverage
  • Aphex® processing for increased intelligibility
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