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ADA Applications

A hearing aid amplifies all the sound in a room making it difficult to hear the primary audio above the background noise. With a Gentner Assistive Listening System, only the speaker and program audio are amplified so the primary audio is more intelligible and easier to hear.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, virtually all public facilities that provide goods and services to consumers, clients, or visitors are required to provide access under the ADA.

Not everyone can have front row seats. But with Assistive Listening Systems from Gentner, there's never a missed word. No matter where people in need of hearing assistance sit, the program audio routed through a Gentner ALS transmitter comes directly to their ears when they wear a Gentner ALS receiver. Gentner Assistive Listening equipment is ideal for auditoriums, stadiums and arenas, courtrooms, houses of worship, meeting rooms, theaters, and concert halls.

TX-37A Click for detail
The TX-37A transmitter features a universal input which accepts mic level, balanced and unbalanced line levels, and speaker level inputs. Audio processing eliminates clipping and over-modulation while providing superior sound quality, increased intelligibility, and dynamics control.

  • Transmits to an area of more than 700,000 square feet
  • Universal input accepts a variety of audio sources
  • Transmits on 37 FCC approved frequencies for RF (radio frequency) assistive listening
  • Built-in test tone for quick and easy receiver tuning
  • Small size (just 1/2 rack unit chassis)
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Digital-1 Click for detail
The Digital-1 receiver works with both the TX37A and the PTX transmitters. Its small size makes it easy to carry and less noticeable. And its digital channel selection ensures the receiver will stay locked on to a particular frequency even with rough handling.

  • Digitally tuned to lock on to desired frequency
  • Extra-long battery life with two AA batteries
  • Large ON/OFF/VOLUME control
  • Superior quality audio
  • Convenient to use and easy to carry
  • Field tunable to 37 FM assistive listening channels
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Digital-6 PLUS Click for detail
With the ability to choose from six preset channels, Digital-6 users will appreciate the flexibility of this receiver. You can have up to six separate audio sources transmitting on different frequencies, and Digital-6 users need only turn the dial to change channels between those six audio sources.

  • Digitally tuned to lock on to desired frequency
  • Long battery life with two AA batteries
  • Six user-selectable preset channels to easily switch between audio sources
  • Superior quality audio
  • Convenient, easy to carry, discreet
  • Field tunable to 37 FM assistive listening channels
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RX-1A Click for detail
RX-1A Receiver (includes a single earbud)
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Digital Package Click for detail
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