No matter how hard you work on your message,
some people just can’t seem to pay attention.

It’s not fun. Partial hearing loss is a real problem for a significant portion of every audience.

But there's a simple, inexpensive way to help: a Gentner assistive listening system. All you need to do is connect an ALS transmitter into your existing sound system, then offer a small, wireless receiver to those who need them. Gentner receivers are discreet, pocket-sized and attach to several different types of earphones to suit the user.

The systems meet all ADA requirements. For non-ADA applications, use the Venture Tour Guide series.

To learn more, download the Gentner ALS brochure


Assistive Listening:
TX-37A | Digital-1 | Digital-6 | RX-1A | Digital Package

Tour Guide:
Venture-Base | Venture-1 | Venture-6

Accessories for ALS and Tour Guide Systems
System packages make ordering easy - Click Here

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