How many ALS receivers do I need?

The Americans with Disability Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) issued by the Access Board specifies the minimum number of receivers according to a sliding scale. In facilities with seats of 500 or less, the requirement is that the number of receivers should total 4% of the total number of seats. Using a sliding scale, the requirement is 3.5% for facilities with 501 to 1000 seats and 2.75% for places with 1001 to 2000 seats. The revised ADAAG guidelines recommends that a portion of the receivers, (25% but no less than 2) be compatible with hearing aids equipped with telecoils.

Use this calculation program below to determine how many receivers a facility needs:

Enter the number of seats in the facility:
Number of receivers needed:
These two values are calculated
Number of Telecoils needed:

References: Government Access Board

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